Robert E. Adham, MD,  Bond Almand, MD  and  Bryan J. Tigner, MD
Audiologist/Hearing Aids

Dr. Michelle DeArmond, Au.D.

At the Otolaryngology Center of East Tennessee we are very fortunate to have a Doctorate level Audiologist to work with you to assist with your hearing problems. Our Audiologist, Dr. Michelle DeArmond, Au.D., has been with us since 1997, and is very knowledgable in preventing, identifying and assessing hearing impairment. Our audiologist and doctors will work together to identify and provide any needed treatment for your hearing problems. Dr. DeArmond provides numerous tests to help in your evaluation, including tympanometry, tone tests, word recognition and speech recognition. These test help to evaluated hearing issues such as tinnitus, hearing loss, ear pain, dizziness, failed newborn hearing screens and failed school hearing tests.

We offer complimentary Hearing Aid evaluations by our Audiologist, Dr. Michelle DeArmond. Call and schedule your appointment today at 865-983-4090!

Should you require hearing aids, Dr. DeArmond will work very closely with you to explain all aspects of hearing aid use and purchase. Our goal is to provide hearing solutions to our patients. We have no desire to jeopardize the trust we have earned from our patients by selling them hearing aids when they are not needed. We do not use deceptive advertising and bait and switch techniques, which are far too common in the industry. Improving your hearing is our ONLY concern.

If, after a thorough hearing evaluation and discussion with you, it is determined that hearing aids can be of a benefit to you, we will make sure that you get a top quality brand that is molded to your ear, fits your budget and maintains your lifestyle. 

We offer a wide selection of hearing aids from the top companies in the industry. We will not sell you you a sub-standard or poor quality hearing aid. Complimentary hearing aid evaluations can be done by appointment. We also provide on-site maintenance and repairs for hearing aids that we have sold to you. Should your hearing aid require a more in-depth repair we will ship these off for repair for you. Personal attention to your individual hearing loss is Dr. DeArmond's specialty! She will strive to make your transition into a hearing aid as easy as possible for you.

We also offer CareCredit to assist you in paying for Hearing Aids. CareCredit is like a credit card except they offer up to 12 months interest free for you to repay. You can visit for more information or pick up an application at our office.

To make an appointment or for more information, please call our office at (865) 983-4090.

Please visit our page on hearing aids to see the more common types available.